A SeedBox + Apps. With this product you also have ability to One-Click install apps that manage/automate your media downloads. Apps like Plex, Sonar, Radarr, Lidarr, SickGear, Sabnzbd and more!

Product Name HDD Storage TRAFFIC AppStore Streaming Price
BASIC-500 500 GB Unlmited Client


MID-1T 1001 GB Unlimited


MID-2T 2001 GB Unlimited


PRO-3T (beta) 3001 GB Unlimited


PRO-4T (beta) 4001 GB Unlimited



1-Click Installable Apps!
















..And many more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which apps can I install?

The current app list can be found here

Why do I need a Seedbox/AppBox?

1) Anonymity: A large number of users use our Seedbox service in order to keep their home IP address out of use. Your home IP address is not involved, and you can get full anonymity.

2) Superior Network: For most people, their home connection can’t handle the stress caused by a large amount of bandwidth. They are very beneficial to users who have poor home connections where it would cost more a month to upgrade your home internet connection then purchasing a Seedbox to do the work for you.

3) Clogged Free Hard Disk: With a Seedbox, you also get a big amount of hard disk to utilize. You can use it to store any files online, without clogging your own hard-disk with any data.

4) Streaming Capabilities: A Seedbox can be even used to stream data directly to any device, without the need to store it on your computer.

Do you offer a refund policy?

We allow 7 day from the date of activation to claim a refund, only one refund can be issued per user in any 6 month period.

Please note we cannot issue refunds to customers who paid for their service using crypto currencies.

How quickly will I get my box?

ETA for Seed/AppBoxes is 1 minute to 24 hours. Most boxes are installed within minutes depending on day/time of order and availability.

ETA for installation of Dedicated Servers (Dedi-AppBoxes) is 1-72 hours. ETA depends time/day of order and stock.

Where are your servers based?

Our servers are located in France, Germany and Canada.

Is my access encrypted?

Yes. Our website and all products connections are encrypted via your browser and FTP.

How do I ask a question?

Easy! Either jump on Live Chat, Use the Contact us menu to drop us a message or create a support ticket in client area.

Is there a traffic/data limit on your products?

No. All our boxes come with true unlimited traffic so you can download and upload as much as you want! There are no limits or hidden fees!!

Can you transfer my data from other provider/box?

Yes. Simply open a support ticket after placing order and we will take care of transfer for you.

How many users are there per server?

On Seedbox/Appboxes the number of users per server varies from 2-16. On Dedi-AppBoxs the only user on the whole server is you. It's your own server.

What payments do you accept?

Paypal, Cards and Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin etc)

Are Public Trackers allowed?

No. They are not permitted for use on our services. They're a security risk and a resource hog and since it's only a small minority of users who use them who could cause issues for others we have decided to block them.

What is a beta product?

A beta product is an early chance to test our product before product details are finalised. This means that some features or some apps/versions are subject to change. On some occasions we offer at a cheaper price than usual and customer keeps that cheaper price even if final product price increases. Because product isn't officially finalised yet there may be bugs. If you notice a bug or have an issue report it to us so we can investigate and resolve it for you.

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