New domanis and hardware upgrades!

  • 27th October 2022
We're currently migrating some users to our new servers. Emails have been sent but some may have failed. Please contact support if you're unsure and want clarification. RAM has been doubled or quadrupled. (32GB > 64-128GB) Bandwidth doubled (14-16 users per server now max of 8) Better CPU OS/Dash updated Current servers in process of ...
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FLASH SALE: A Whole year from only £39.95!

  • 18th October 2022
FLASH SALE!!   For a limited time we're reducing the already discounted annual prices.... SB-500/Starter-500:  A Whole year for only £39.95 SB/AB-1000, MID-1T: A Whole year for only £57.95 SB/AB-2000, MID-2T: A Whole year for only £82.95 SB/AB-3000, PRO-3T: A Whole year for only £124.95 SB/AB-4000, PRO-4T: A Whole year for only ...
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NEW SEEDBOXES From only £4.95 for 1-4TB HDD and 25% OFF Promo!

  • 6th October 2022
Smaller Price! More Space! More Features! We're giving 25% off on our new products 1st month with promo code APPBOX From only £5.95 with unlimited traffic with 20+ installable apps including Plex on supported models.FREE Data migration if switching products (Request migration on order form or in support ticket) Why not grab a bargain? 500GB ...
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